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Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 (2003 – 2004)

"This is me at my most... Masochistic"

Released in 2003 (Vol. 1) and 2004 (Vol. 2), Kill Bill tells the tales of 'The Bride' on her vendetta against former mentor and lover 'Bill' and the members of the assassination group she once belonged to.  Told in a non-linear style.  The film explores themes of love, revenge, and redemption. Oh and there's blood.  Lots and lots of blood.

Even though Kill Bill has been divided into two parts.  We'll be reviewing it as a full movie.

Initial Impressions:

Simon: N/A

Bennett: N/A

Simon's Take:

Well this is an interesting set of films. It's a very difficult review to write mainly because both volumes are so different. Sure the Characters and general plot are the same. But Volume 1, plays more like a martial arts action flick. Full of excellent fight sequences, and style that positively drips from every frame. The dialog is mostly one-liners. The body count is through the roof. And while it by no means sacrifices story; It takes the backseat in places. The first film has an almost comedic feel to it as well. A lot of the violence and action is over the top. The situations and characters feel ever so slightly exaggerated. And the world itself seems a tad unbelievable. And yet this is what makes the film great. In an odd way, it makes everything feel so refreshing for a change. To have realism dropped in exchange for fun and excitement. Often films fail to let themselves go or go too far in the process. But Kill Bill stays true to itself. Despite it feeling self-aware, it never betrays itself to the audience. It switches your brain off for you in the first few minutes. And just lets you enjoy the rest of the film. Volume 2 on the other hand, is almost a drama. Exchanging volume 1's neon lights and dramatic colors, and replacing them with more diminished hues. The fight sequences are almost non-existent. And the plot and character development ramp up. The dialog is smart with some real depth to it. It feels like the characters could read the fine print on yogurt containers, and still have it feel smart and clever. I did find this caused the film to lost momentum, however. After some excellent ground was laid in the first outing. To essentially scrap the progress and follow a different film style didn't seem to effective without some kind of transition. This doesn't mean the film is bad. It just didn't feel quite as strong as the first film. It's obvious from the get go, that each person will have their favorite volume. Indeed Bennett and I are both split over which volume we like more. Both films are great in there own right. And the story they both tell together is excellent. Even if they're execution is slightly different.


- Amazing Style
- Smart dialog.
- Flawless combination of genres.


- Slightly weaker second half.

Bennett's Take:

If you like fountains, you will love Kill Bill! However, these will be fountains of blood, shooting from any body part imaginable. That being said, it must be noted that both volumes do not follow this over-the-top-ridiculous-spewing-blood-bath-filled action. The gallons of blood in the first volume is traded for character development in the second, and takes the movies from outlandish, to reasonably well made movies.
I enjoyed how the movie was separated by chapter as it allowed scenes to change quickly, and removed the possibility of slow transitions. The content however, was laughable, at least in Kill Bill Vol. 1. The amount of blood spraying literally everywhere was not really necessary--we saw the man's head was cut off, it doesn't need to become a geyser. As much as I am an action junkie, there is a line, and I feel it was crossed. That being said, Vol. 2 became what I see--and I could see as there was no blood covering the screen--a good action movie. There was enough action, with substantial character development that was lost in the oceans of blood in the first. Together the films showcased a great mixture of filming--from anime to black and white. This kept the films fresh, and somewhat unpredictable. I was also thoroughly entertained by the soundtrack to both films. The music played when 'the Bride' saw her enemies was ridiculous, but fun at the same time.
I thought little of the first film, but Kill Bill was redeemed for me in the second when plot outweighed action. If you are initially disappointed with Vol. 1, continue on to Vol. 2 regardless, your perseverance will be rewarded. I would recommend Kill Bill for anyone who wants to have a good chuckle and be washed away in a tsunami of blood. However, if you faint at the sight of blood, you may never wake up.


-Great fighting scenes
-Great variety of pictures (anime/black and white/regular)
-Amazing soundtrack


-So much blood
-Quite cheesy
-Too much blood
-Little plot (Vol. 1 in particular)
-Way too much blood

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