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Must-See Movie Reviews From Before the Grave

Star Wars (1977)

"That’s no moon…"

Released in 1977, Star Wars revolutionized the film industry. With it’s never before seen special effects, stunning set-pieces, and a world that felt fresh and realistic. It quickly rose to the title of “Masterpiece.” And to this day, it’s one of the most popular and celebrated franchises in world. (Well, at least before the prequels…)

Note: Even though we use a drawing system, we wanted our first film to be iconic.  We hand selected Star Wars out of the list of candidates for its status as one of the most influential films of all time.

Initial Impressions:

Simon: N/A

Bennett: N/A

Simon's Take:

It's been ages since I've seen this film. Probably a good 3-5 years.  So it was awesome to come back and revisit it again.  This had to be my favorite movie as a kid, and I was pleased to see that it still held the same amount of magic and wonder as it did back then.  It's amazing to realize that it's 35 years old this year. What I really appreciated about the film this time was how well it managed to stay away from the pitfalls you see so often in the Sci-Fi genre.  Mainly the cheese factor.  All the talk about Lightsabers and princesses, evil empires, and rebel groups, and yet it never detracts from the seriousness or the fun of the film.  You're merely asked to accept these concepts and move on.  And you're rewarded well for it, as it features some of the most stunning pieces of action ever shown on screen.  Despite the limitations of the 70's, Star Wars manages to do what few other films could and really make you feel a part of the action: the way the camera weaves in and out with the spaceships in the final battle, or the claustrophobic tension in the garbage disposal sequence.  The latter two installments in the Star Wars saga might have built upon and expanded the realism, but few films can match the sheer awe and wonder of the first. All in all, it was awesome to revisit this personal favorite of mine.  I felt I understood a lot more of the subtleties this time around, and it made for a more engaging and worthwhile experience. If you haven't seen Star Wars yet (you laugh but there seem to be a surprising number who haven't), you owe it to yourself to experience this film!


- Hasn't aged a day.
- Awesome set pieces.
- Characters that work well together.


- None

Bennett's Take:

I can still remember putting the original Star Wars VHS tape into the player as a small boy, longing to watch the action-packed Sci-Fi film. Memories flooded back as I watched one of my favorite movies. Although it's 35 years old, it's still as entertaining as ever.

Right from the beginning you are introduced into a whole new 'galaxy'--one that happens to be far, far away. From the minor details of multiple moons setting in the evening, to the vast variety of creatures from different planets, viewers were assured they were no longer on Earth. All in all, Lucas did an amazing job of transporting the viewer to another galaxy with the characters and sets. Although the weapon accuracy of the soldiers on either side is at the very least dismal, the effects throughout the film were incredible for its time, especially for a budget of a mere 40 million dollars (adjusted for inflation).

Star Wars grasps the viewer by the heart, and squeezes ever so tightly as you wait in anticipation for Luke Skywalker to become the man he is destined to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie more than my original viewing as a kid, as I was able to understand the humor involved. I have heard that Star Wars was originally written as a comedy, but took on a life of its own in development. The comedic affects of R2-D2 and C3PO's banter, as well as the various creatures seen throughout the film, incorporate some much needed laughter--I believe every good movie needs to make you chuckle a few times and Star Wars does just that!

However, I found transitions between some scenes disruptive at times, and appeared to have little purpose as I was only confused as a watcher. I also found myself a wee bit disinterested in the film at times--the fault of either my 21st century film A.D.D. (explosions need to occur every few minutes to hold our interest these days), or the actual pacing of the story. That being said, Star Wars: A New Hope will remain as close to my heart as my Star Wars bedding at home.


- Great special effects for its time!
- Well developed characters.
- Realistic science fiction.


- Seemed to drag on at times.
- Inconsistant editing.

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  • Susan

    This was, and will ever be, my favourite movie. I saw it when it first came out – I was in grade 6. We had to travel from Vancouver Island over to the big city just to go it – talked our Dad into taking us “eeeeveryone has seen it alreay Dad!!” – I still remember all the ‘firsts’ it had.. the rolling into the distance word story, the battle cruiser coming up from seemingly behind…ahh good times..relived many, many times over.
    Great review guys, I love the two takes on it.

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