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Must-See Movie Reviews From Before the Grave

The Project


What is the Fatal Film Project?

The goal of The Fatal Film Project is to watch and review the best and/or most influential movies of all time. Instead of compiling a list based solely on our own opinions of what those movies could be, we chose to use the book ‘501 Must See Movies’.  This particular book seemed like a great option. It’s divided into 10 different categories, each containing 50 films (with one containing 51) so it presents a near even number in each category. While a list of 501 films may seem like a lot (or not enough, to some), it’s a big enough number to be interesting, but small enough to still remain do-able.  We hope it keeps the project well-rounded, and consistently engaging.

The list did have what we believe to be a glaring omission, however: the lack of Animated films.  Animation itself is an entirely different method of filmmaking; one that uses suspension of disbelief and visual style to tell a story.  In some cases, Animation is often the only way of telling a story (can you imagine a film like Up being as fun and engaging in live action?).  So we removed Horror (mainly for religious reasons) and, in order to keep the number of movies at 501, replaced it with Animation.  The newly-added Animation category contains 50 films picked by Simon from an extensive list for their quality and influence on the Animation industry.  We believe that these offer a suitable replacement to the Horror genre.


Why call it “Fatal Film Project?”

We’ve all heard talk about “movies you need to see before you die,” so we decided to take that to heart! (And because–let’s be honest–the name sounds awesome!)