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Must-See Movie Reviews From Before the Grave

The System

Home Theater

Our system is very simple:

We have a tin containing all 501 films written down on slips of paper. Starting with our very first film, Star Wars, we’ve been randomly drawing the next movie from the tin. We chose to do this rather than proceeding in order, so we wouldn’t be stuck working through a full genre before moving on to the next, and this way we can watch some of the newer movies without having to go through all the old ones first  (the list is chronological in addition to being categorical). We felt this would make both the watching of the films, and the writing of the reviews, more interesting.

It should also make things more interesting for you as the audience as well. Random selection ensures that no one knows what to expect, and you won’t need to endure 50 comedy reviews in a row because that happens to be the section we’re on.  This way it stays fresh and fun for all!

Afterwards we take our thoughts online!  Writing a short summery of the film, followed by our own opinions.  The purpose isn’t to make the reviews correct or eloquent.  But to provide our own opinions completely unfiltered.  Which means not every film will receive a glowing review from one or both of us.  The comments are open letting you provide us with feedback and complaints.  And the cycle repeats!